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School Report 09


School Report 2011

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Thanks to Ben, Lucy, Chris, Phoebe, Abi, Henry, Ellie, Jed, Lydia, Alex, Helena, Alfie, Joel, Jamie-Lee, Christian, Tom , Chloe, Faye, Luke, Milly, Kieran, Scott, Katie, Joseph, Louis, Hannah, Tyler, Harvey, Meghan, Sumit and Sasha.

4.15 It's been a rather mad rush but the film is finished!

2.20 Just finished filming the Anchor shots, now for some editing!...

1.00 Filming nearly finished. Break for lunch and then start to record the broadcast.

Filming Outside

12:04 Video clips are being filmed for the broadcast later and the final script is being put together. The studio is set up, including the lights and green screen.

Green Screen

Script Editing

11:58 So far today we have made a report for the broadcast, as-well as making a report for the website newspaper. Right now the studio is being set up!

11:49 After finishing the background, we are now editing images for the green screen when the stories come up. We have just finished the Libya story and have emailed the final background so it can all be put together.

11:00 We have just filmed one of the interviews of one of the people who were affected by the floods in Brisbane.

10:52 We we've finished the final background for when the broadcast takes place.  We took our time to finish it and took a few attempts to correct our final piece
10:52 Me and Kieran have been taking photos for  the VLE so everyone can see what we have been doing on the BBC news report day. Every one has been busy reading news papers and writing and preparing for when we perform our news day today.

School report

School report
10:43     Between 10:15 and 10:35 we were outside taking panning shots of different pars of the school. We got shots of Our Space, the field, front of the school and the playground. We managed to get seven different videos that could be used.
10:36 Currently I am researching Hawassa for the school report section of the BBC news. I am having trouble coming up with an article.

10:21 Today we are reporting about two British soldiers that have been killed in Afghanistan by an explosion. We are using the BBC Website to research the topic. We are trying to fit our script into a 30 second slot. So far today has been a great, memorable experience!!

10:15 We are currently choosing the headlines and news we will be using in the broadcast.

09:39 We are creating the background for when we go live to broadcast our report. The background consists of the original  BBC title page and has been edited to purple and green, to co-ordinate with the school colours.

09:31     After we had read the newspapers, we went on to the computers. Some stayed reading the newspapers but others researched the news. I went onto the BBC News website and researched the top news. Afterwards, we had certain jobs to do, for example, mine was to look at the structure of the BBC News website.

09:09    In the first half an hour, we have been looking through the newspapers to find out what's going on in the world today. The editors are proof reading and looking at the work others have been doing and others are looking on the BBC website to see how they can help with finding out information. We also ate biscuits!

This years's new video will be uploaded by 4pm today!


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